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Moroccan surf history

In the 1960s, a group of adventurous American and Australian surfers arrived on the shores of Morocco, seeking new waves and coastlines to explore. Little did they know that their arrival would shape the country's surfing culture forever.

As these foreign surfers set foot on Moroccan beaches, their enthusiasm and skill captured the attention of the locals. Intrigued by this unfamiliar water sport, locals were offered the opportunity to try surfing for themselves.

Word quickly spread about Morocco's outstanding surf spots, captivating surfers from all around the world. Among the earliest known surf spots were Taghazout, Anchor Point, and Hash Point, each offering a unique and thrilling wave-riding experience.

Local communities and coastal regions played an important role in the development of Moroccan surfing. Embracing the culture and lifestyle associated with the sport, they provided the necessary infrastructure, accommodations, and services for surfers, cultivating a vibrant atmosphere that attracted surf enthusiasts from around the globe.

The popularity of surfing has had a positive impact on the local economy and tourism industry in those coastal regions. It created employment opportunities and nurtured local businesses. The idyllic coastal town of Imsouane, in particular, became a magnet of surfers. People go there and wish they could never leave.

Several significant milestones marked the history of surfing in Morocco. The establishment of the Taghazout Surf Festival and many other surf festivals and national competitions, not only put the Moroccan surf scene on the international map but also showcased the country's remarkable waves and talented surfers.

Moroccan surfers, such as Ramzi Boukhiam, who participated in the olympic games in 2021, alongside Othmane Choufani, and Abdel El Harim, have gained international recognition for their exceptional surfing skills. Their participation in prestigious surf competitions, including the Quiksilver Pro Casablanca, has brought increased visibility to Moroccan surfing.

As the waves roll in, so does the passion for surfing, making Morocco a beautiful and enchanting place for the global surf story.

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